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I use one of my Raspberry Pis to runs the @_StormWatch twitter bot as well as some other automated tasks. For a few months it’s been sitting on my desk bare so it was long overdue for a case. I took a look at the available cases and nothing jumped out at me so I designed my own.

Basic Geometry

I spent some time thinking about interesting geometries, something functional that isn’t just another rectangular box.

Lines smoothed, halves split, and ports holes cut

Finished with beveled edges, and embossed Raspberry Pi logo Exploded assembly

The model of the Raspberry Pi 2 B is from I used it as a reference for the size of the case and the location of ports and mounting holes.

Printed Case Luckily I had a nice combination of filament colors on hand. The top is white Inland PLA from my local (1hr away) MicroCenter, and the bottom half is the Clay Red 5 Dollar Filament from They have a great choice of colors, and the price makes it easy to grab a variety without having to buy full 1kg spools.

I’m super happy with how it came out.

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