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I set out to design a new enclosure for the Datacolor Spyder Colorimeter. The first step was to research past designs, to see how they’ve changed over time.

Spyders 1 through 5

My goal was to create a design that was familiar and consistent with the look of previous models, but also brought something new to the table. Looking at the past designs there are some common themes that stick out such as the triangular nature and radial symmetry present in most of the designs. The most current design has moved toward a more compact, rugged design.

Inspiration Board

While looking for inspiration I focused on patterns and geometry that were present in the previous designs, while also incorporating influence from photography and color systems to reflect the target customer and function of the product.

I decided to move forward with these two concepts.

Aperture Hexagon

RGB Vendiagram

After doing the rough mock ups in SolidWorks I preferred the look of the aperture design. So, I completed a more detailed model before working towards a physical prototype.

A more fleshed out mock up of the design split into an enclosure to fit the hardware from my Spyder2 Bottom half after printing Both halves done, with the optics and filters assembled Circuit board in place Comparison between the concept prototype and the Spyder2

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