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Video of the device in action

How It Works

  • This project uses a phone number from Twilio. When a text message is received it triggers a webhook HTTP post to a python flask server that’s running on a Raspberry Pi that’s inside the treat dispenser.
  • The server checks the content of the message, if there are no specific commands it wiggles the servo motor a few times to make some noise and get the dogs attention.
  • At this point the Camera takes a picture and starts uploading it to Dropbox, while the servo moves a piston to dispense a treat.
  • After the Dropbox photo url is received, the picture is text messaged to the sender through the Twilio API.

Everything laid out in SolidWorks

Field of view test, for when Gus is in his crate

Treat dispenser in action

CNC machining the treat dispenser assembly out of Acetal Delrin

A prototype box was machined out of wood, the final product is white Delrin

All of the parts laid out

The completed device

It has been working great. To the left of the camera there is a motion detector that is hooked up, but with no software running for it. While we’re house training Gus he stays in his crate during the day, but when gets free range of the house during the day the motion sensor will be used to make sure that he’s in front of the camera before it takes a photo.

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